Laminated Open

Sweet pastries are eaten for breakfast or as a snack in most parts of the world. Danish pastries are one of the most famous laminated open pastries . Among all the Danish varieties that we can find, all the recipes have a common point : their special layered texture, given by the laminated yeast-leavened dough.

Puratos ingredients to create Laminated Open

O-Tentic Durum

Active bakery ingredient based on sourdough to create delicious breads with the taste and texture of the good old days. O-tentic Durum is in powder form and gives your bread a typical aroma of Italian breads (roasted, nutty and wooden flavour). Based on durum wheat sourdough from Altamura (Italy).

Belcolade Noir Absolu Eboby Drops 96%

Real Belgian chocolate containing minimum 90% cocoa mass. The Real dark chocolate.

Classic Mango

Flavouring bring a fresh bouquet of taste and colour. With a dosage of 3 to 10% they bring a high fruit content and a smooth texture. Perfect for all sorts of preparation like custard cream, cake batter, ganache, buttercream, praline's fillings... but also in an icing or Miroir. Mango flavour.

Milk Chocolate Drops 38% Costa Rica

Produced from Trinitario cocoa beans in Costa Rica. The aromas of cooked milk and raw cocoa, the warmth of wood and a touch of olives to provide a velvety smooth eating experience.

Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter

For spraying, tempering, cooking… Smart dosage, smart use.


Montamix is a multi-purpose non-dairy cream that boasts delicate notes of vanilla and a light and fresh mouthfeel.

Soft'r Alpaga

Improver for soft breads and rolls. Formulated to bring freshness, shelf life, volume and tolerance. Dosage at 1%.

Belcolade X605/G (Drops)

Well balanced white chocolate (28% cocoa) with a vanilla flavor and a note of cooked milk. Drops format.