Cheesecake is a dessert made with a fresh cheese, eggs and sugar batter on a crushed biscuits base. Two basic types of cheesecake recipes can be found : baked or refrigerated. The type of cheese differs regionally : cream cheese is used in the american traditional recipe whereas Italians use a mix of Ricotta & Mascarpone and German and Dutch people prefer Quark cheese. Although the New York Style cheesecake with its sour cream batter is one of the most popular varieties, cheesecake recipes vary from a region to another. 


Puratos ingredients to create Cheesecake

Belcolade Noir Absolu Eboby Drops 96%

Real Belgian chocolate containing minimum 90% cocoa mass. The Real dark chocolate.

Classic Mango

Flavouring bring a fresh bouquet of taste and colour. With a dosage of 3 to 10% they bring a high fruit content and a smooth texture. Perfect for all sorts of preparation like custard cream, cake batter, ganache, buttercream, praline's fillings... but also in an icing or Miroir. Mango flavour.

Milk Chocolate Drops 38% Costa Rica

Produced from Trinitario cocoa beans in Costa Rica. The aromas of cooked milk and raw cocoa, the warmth of wood and a touch of olives to provide a velvety smooth eating experience.

Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter

For spraying, tempering, cooking… Smart dosage, smart use.


Montamix is a multi-purpose non-dairy cream that boasts delicate notes of vanilla and a light and fresh mouthfeel.

Belcolade X605/G (Drops)

Well balanced white chocolate (28% cocoa) with a vanilla flavor and a note of cooked milk. Drops format.

Harmony Sublimo Neutre

Ready-to-use cold cover jelly with neutral taste. Protects the color and firmness of fresh fruit on your cakes. Can also be used for the finishing of cakes and viennoiseries.

Harmony Classic Neutral

Concentrated, hot use glaze for traditional patisserie. The perfect shiny finish for fruit pies, cakes and puff pastries.