Bridging the Fiber Gap: Elevating Nutrition with Whole Grains in Bakery Creations

20 May 2024

Do you know that in many countries, only 10% or fewer individuals meet the recommended fiber intake levels?[1] This highlights a significant gap to address! Fortunately, consumer demand for fiber-rich products is on the rise due to their numerous health benefits, with a majority of global consumers acknowledging fiber’s positive impact on digestion.[2] It is therefore the perfect time to propose fiber-rich bakery creations to help bridge the fiber gap.

Whole grains serve as an excellent means to boost fiber consumption. But what exactly are whole grains?

Whole grains are exactly what the word says: the whole of the grain. All three original edible parts – bran, germ, and endosperm – are present in the same proportions as when the cereal was grown. This is quite different from refined grains or flours, which only retain the endosperm. By consuming a whole grain, we take advantage of all the different parts. In short, all its properties and associated benefits are preserved.[3]

  • Germ: The embryo of the grain, packed with nutrients and potential for growth.
  • Bran: The edible multi-layered kernel that protects the seed, containing fiber and B vitamins.
  • Endosperm: The largest portion of the grain, starchy and rich in nutrients to nourish the embryo.

Adding whole grains to your breads can help increase their fiber content, and proposing those breads to your customers would be the first step to bridge the fiber gap.

But how can we help you bridge the fiber gap effectively?

By ensuring you can add whole grains to your breads while keeping them fresh and tasty. We carefully select the best whole grains, ensuring they are soft and juicy, bringing forward their fantastic taste without off-flavors. We also guarantee that the crumb remains moist and fresh while the crust remains crispy, allowing you to consistently deliver quality products time after time.


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