Happy Gut, Healthy you.

24 Jun 2021


The complexity of a gut feeling

A happy gut is a key to feeling good! Did you know that the human gut microbiome hosts over 100 trillion microorganisms? And all of them need to be kept happy. How? Through balance. They love this! They thrive in an environment with a high diversity of hundreds of different species and an adequate ratio between “good” and “bad” bacteria.  

It’s no surprise that this wealth of life inside one’s body is crucial for physical and mental well-being. And it is the home base of 70% of your immune system. That’s why gut health is in everyone’s interest, not just for people with digestive issues. This rising awareness is creating an increasing demand for affordable and tasty food that’s good for the human gut. Let’s find out how to answer this consumer demand.

Gut food, good mood

We influence our health by what we eat. Especially if it influences our gut favourably. Probiotics, found in yoghurt and other fermented milk products, for example, can do precisely that. They add good bacteria to the human guts’ microbiome.

Bread can play a different role, a prebiotic one.  Its fibres feed the good bacteria that are already present in one’s gut, helping them thrive and sending a ripple of well-being throughout body and mind. 

The art of baking with the science of gut health

It’s easy to see why the art of bread has been at the heart of our lives for 250 generations. It is rooted in our daily routine, making it the natural choice for a gut-friendly diet. Bread is all about the joyous combination of smell, grainy goodness, and taste of fresh crumb. The fan club is huge thanks to its wealth of textures and traditions. Now imagine, what if that much-loved bread could be the everyday nourishment the human gut needs? 

Although bread is rooted in simplicity, baking Happy Gut breads is an art to master and a science to perfect. With our over 100 years of expertise in bakery products at Puratos we never stop exploring, thinking, and discovering new ways to make the most out of ingredients that are so loved by consumers: from the tastiest of fibres up to our new Happy Gut sourdough ingredients. It is time to give bakers a voice in the gut health dialogue, as taste and health come along.

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