Ivory Coast: A new school, funded with the Chocolate Bonus

Cacao-Trace is Puratos' sustainable cocoa sourcing program that redefines the standard for chocolate. We are always looking for new ways to improve the livelihood of our cocoa farmers and local communities. An excellent example is the new school that was recently built for the children of Adjamene in Ivory Coast. The first Chocolate Bonus in this region was invested with the future in mind: better conditions for students and teachers to create an optimal learning environment.

Continuous improvement is the core of the Cacao-Trace

Trough its continuous efforts, Cacao-Trace benefits all of us and more than any other programme, it benefits the cocoa farmers. We train them to deliver the highest quality cocoa beans and we master the fermentation process in post-harvest centers close to the communities. For this superior quality, our farmers are rewarded by receiving a quality premium and an additional Chocolate Bonus (of 10 cents) for every kilo of chocolate sold. This can add up to 1 or 2 months of additional salary. In this way, we are able to change the lives of the farmers and their communities, while at the same time creating exceptional tasting chocolate.

Those who have visited a local community describe their experiences as life-changing. The tremendous impact of the Cacao-Trace is heartwarming. A win-win for everybody!

Why Abdoulayekro Primary School?

Education is fundamental for the future of every child. Unfortunately, for many children around the world, modern facilities are not available. Abdoulayekro Primary School in Ivory Coast was in desperate need of a good infrastructure, tables, chairs, and a canteen, as well as a proper sanitary facilities. The renovation of the school was impossible without external funding, which is where the Cacao-Trace comes in.

Before the distribution of the chocolate Bonus, the Cacao-Trace team had visited the old school many times. They saw their needs and they felt the enthusiasm and eagerness to make progress. The local community came up with the project to renovate the school. They decided to spend the first Chocolate Bonus on Abdoulayekro Primary School. Thanks to all our costumers and partners, the ambitious project became reality.

The conferment of the first Chocolate Bonus in Ivory Coast - the start of a heartwarming school project

Abdoulayekro Primary School, the new haven for students and teachers

The school renovation project actually started on October 18, 2018. On that day, the local cocoa farmers received their first Chocolate Bonus (to the value of 38.742.000 XOF or € 59.062). This extra income (10 cents per kilo of chocolate) is vital, as it allows them to make these essential investments - the complete reconstruction of the rural primary. Have a look at the pictures and see the difference this financial support has made.

The students and teachers now work in safe and well-built classrooms with chairs and tables. There is a management office, a fully equipped canteen and new sanitary facilities. In the new building, they have basically all the amenities they need.

The inauguration of the new school was a moment of joy and hope for the local community, the Cacao-Trace team and our customers. We share the same belief: we can all make progress if we work towards the same goal.

September 20, 2019. Inauguration of Abdoulayekro Primary School

Join us and support the communities of the Cacao-Trace

The Abdoulayekro Primary School project is excellent proof of the impact on people's everyday lives. It is only one example of the various ways to empower our cocoa farmers' communities.

We hope more companies will become part of the Cacao-Trace community, so that more people in cocoa producing regions will benefit from it. Together we contribute to an exceptional world of chocolate.

Contact your local  representative via the link below to discover just what Cacao-Trace can do for you.