Non-dairy Toppings

Meeting the needs of today’s demanding customer, non-dairy toppings are increasing in popularity around the world.

What are the advantages of using non-dairy toppings?

Puratos Non-Dairy Toppings enable you to differentiate your products through taste and innovation. In fact, they are often considered the taste benchmark in certain global markets.

Our Non-Dairy Toppings can also be mixed to create your own recipes with:

  • Multiple flavours to create a bespoke whipped topping;
  • Custard cream to create a light vanilla flavoured filling;
  • Fruit fillings to create the most delicate mousses; and
  • Dairy cream for additional performance

Other benefits of our Non-Dairy Toppings include:

Performance, quality and efficiency

Puratos Non-Dairy Toppings are produced to modern quality standards, ensuring excellent product performance. They provide:

  • Whipping yield of up to 400%, which means lower cost-of-use
  • Excellent stability over time, leading to extended application shelf life
  • Superb freeze-thaw stability, perfect for frozen patisserie
  • Tolerance to overwhipping, which increases efficiency and reduces risk of waste

Peace of mind

We use UHT-technology to produce all our Non-Dairy Toppings. This technology, combined with aseptic packaging, protects your products to ensure additional food safety and consistent quality. Key advantages include longer shelf life and colour stability. There’s also no need for frozen transport or storage.

Strong nutritional focus

Nutrition is at the heart of the Puratos ethos and approach. All our Non-Dairy Toppings have a low fat content and are cholesterol free, which means your products can satisfy consumer demand for nutritional value as well as great taste.

Non-dairy Toppings



Non-dairy toppings

Montamix is a multi-purpose non-dairy cream that boasts delicate notes of vanilla and a light and fresh mouthfeel.


Non-dairy toppings

Premix in powder form for the preparation of complete mixes for whipped cream.


Non-dairy toppings

Splendid is the latest innovation in the world of non-dairy creams. This cream can be stored and whipped at any temperature between 10 and 35°C. Splendid is ready for use and doesn’t need to be cooled before usage.


Non-dairy toppings

Cuisipak is an unsweetened non-dairy cream developed for savoury applications such as soups and sauces, or even salad dressings.


Non-dairy toppings

Puratos Ambiante is a non-dairy cream with extra stability ideal for topping/decorating performances.

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