Whoopie Pie

Grams Percentage (%)
Tegral Satin Moist Cake Dark SG 1000
Egg 400
Water 200
Oil 400
Ingredients total 2000
Belcolade Ganache 500
Belcolade Noir Selection C501/J 200
Decoration total 700

Working Method

  1.  Place all the ingredients into a mixer and beat until the mix is smooth. 
  2.  Pipe mixture onto silicon mats and bake.

Baking Time
  • 180°C for 9 minutes.

  1.  Once cooled, whip up the ganache so it becomes cream like in texture. 
  2.  Pipe the ganache onto the flat side of the cake, then place another half with no ganache on top and press together.

  1.  Temper the Belcolade Noir Selection.
  2.  Dip half the whoopie into the chocolate.

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